Solving the Problem of Innovation Diffusion
With Internet Users Behavior

Preliminary Concepts: A Quick Overview

Knowledge Spectrum and the Third Knowledge

  • Problems and Research Traditions

  • Tradition of S-typed Adoption/ Innovation Diffusion

  • Qualitative Model? Quantitative/Contaminated Model?

    • Pattern + Noise?

    • Empirical: Short of Fit Modeling?

    • Theoretical: Short of Solid Case/Data?

  • Theory Development: Complexity? Simplicity?

    • Numerous Independent Variables?

    • Active Users/ Passive Users

    • Rational Choice/ Social Belief

    • Varied by Adoptee (Innovation- Product)

  • Research Methods/ Data Gathering

    • Sampling: Single- Limited Waves vs. Longitudinal

    • Observed Variables/ Measurement: Dollars- Units vs. Users; Active Users vs. General Users

    • Data Processing/ Quality?

    • Analysis: Estimating User Numbers/ Cumulative Data Processing

  • Significant Streams

  • Research Environment and Opportunity

    • Lab Experiment L

    • Replica L

    • Internet Users Growth J

  • Wu, Goldsman, Sokol, & Tovey's New Model

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