Knowledge Spectrum and

Philosophy of Quantitative Methodology


From Methodological Reconsideration to Epistemological Evolution:

A Proposal of Knowledge Spectrum



SKMS: Survey Knowledge Management Systems 調查知識管理系統SKMS: Survey Knowledge Management Systems



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Can Behavioral Surveys Explore Scientific Knowledge? 行為調查科學嗎?
Agenda of Knowledge Specrum 知識光譜議題
Two Cultures 知識的兩種文化
Criteria of Scientific Knowledge 科學知識的條件
What is Paradigm 什麼是典範
Voters Behavior Paradigms: An Introspection 以投票行為典範為例的檢討
Funnel Model 漏斗模式
Top Five Models 主流 5 模式
53237 Model 選民結構 53237 模式
Three Barriers of Establishing Paradigms 建立典範的3大礙
Survey's Methodological Problems 調查法的方法論問題
Social Factors against Survey Quality 社會因素降低調查品質
Rather be Broken Puzzle 拼圖寧可破碎而存真
Change of Two Cultures? 兩種文化可否改變?
A Proposal of Knowledge Spectrum 建立知識光譜觀
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